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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

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Top 10 Cute and Girly Bongs

top 10 cute bongs for sale

Glass bongs are often considered glass art as they come in various shapes, themes, colors, and designs. Browse our list of the top 10 most cute and girly bongs for sale from our online head shop.  You’re not going to find these cute bongs at your local smoke shop. The reason is that some of these girly water pipes can only be found at Discover small and affordable glass bongs in our list below.

  1.  Glass Apple Water Bongcute apple glass water pipe

Apples are an iconic symbol of some of the most iconic stories. Snow White, the Twilight Saga, Adam and Eve, the list goes on. Featured in our May 2021 box, this Glass Apple Water Bong is life-size and almost looks good enough to eat. This cute glass bong fits perfectly in your hand, just like a real apple. It’s a perfectly adorable piece that would make a great addition to any stoner’s collection. 

Versatile Design

Our Glass Apple Water Bong offers the nostalgic appeal of smoking out of an apple but is safer, more sustainable, and easier. This piece is compatible with a 10mm 90 degree male banger for those who can’t get enough concentrates. Overall, it is a highly versatile yet compact bong that is great for on-the-go bowls.

Smooth Hits

This little piece is a heavy-hitter that delivers crisp and smooth hits. Made from high-quality glass, you don’t have to worry about this piece getting too hot in your hand. 

Great for Gifting

Looking for a gift for the “apple of your eye?” This piece makes a sweet gift for your special lady friend who’s looking to add a cute addition to her bong collection.

Product Details

  • Portable and compatible with 10mm 90 degree male banger
  • 4’’ tall, 2.5’’ wide
  • 10mm bowl with a stem percolator 

  1.  Octopus Bong cute octopus water pipe

This little octopus bong is just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Featured in our August 2020 Reefer Cannabox, she is a heavy-hitter that has captured the hearts of many.

Adorable and Functional Design 

Best for animal lovers, this little octopus has a smile that will have you smiling back. She’s guaranteed to be your new best friend and staple smoking piece. This adorable piece is available in beautiful shades of blue or purple and is made of high-quality glass that makes her thick and durable. You’re guaranteed to get compliments with this glass water bong, and she’ll look great sitting on your coffee table or shelf.

Quality Hits

This little octopus stands at 4’’ tall and 3’’ wide, but don’t let her small stature fool you. Thanks to her high-quality design, she delivers the delightfully smooth yet heavy hits that you’re looking for.

Great For Gifting

Our Octopus Bong is fantastic as a gift to a friend, family member, or significant other who likes to smoke and is a marine life enthusiast. This cute piece is guaranteed to brighten their day.

Product Details

  • 3’’ Wide, 4’’ Tall
  • Available in Blue or Purple
  • 10mm Bowl

  1.  Smokey the Stoney Ghostcute mini bong for sale

Make this spooky season extra festive with Smokey the Stoney Ghost. Featured in our 2019 “Spooky Season” package, this little bong has a spooky surprise that is certain to add a lot more fun to your nighttime smoke sessions.

Boo-tiful Design

This friendly ghost sits at 5’’ tall and is made with crystal-clear borosilicate glass. It includes a 14mm male bowl and a tilted mouthpiece that allows smoke to flow freely and cool off before reaching your lips. Its compact design makes it conveniently portable while still providing the hard hits you’re craving. This piece is perfect for curling up on the couch with your favorite Halloween snacks and a scary movie. Be sure to smoke in the dark – his eyes glow green!

Easy to Use

Smokey the Stoney Ghost comes with a 14mm male bowl that is easy to load and can accommodate a large amount of herb or flower. The bowl features a handle on its side that allows you to lift the bowl and release the smoke seamlessly for maximum enjoyment. It also features a tilted mouthpiece that lets the smoke flow freely and smoothly as you draw.

Product Details

  • 5’’ Tall
  • 14mm Male Bowl Included
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Eyes

  1.  UFO Glass Water Bongcute ufo glass water pipe

Are you in search of a close encounter with the third kind? This cute UFO Glass water bong is a great piece that is guaranteed to send you floating through space and time with your fellow alien friends. This piece pairs perfectly with your favorite greens and a good alien movie or documentary.

Intelligent Design

Our expertly designed UFO Glass Water Bong is made from top-shelf glass that makes it thick and durable. Its base features a mysterious, opaque grey flying saucer with eye-catching lime green bullets protruding around all sides. You’d swear this thing might start hovering and take off when looking the other way. This spacecraft is offered in two sizes: small (3’’ x 5’’) and XL(12’’ x 6’’).

Out-Of-This-World Hits

This bong features a showerhead perc with four to five hole that provides maximum filtration – providing you with out-of-this-world hits. Its long neck also allows the smoke to cool and reach the perfect temperature for the smoothest hits possible. We recommend filling this piece just above the perc with water for the smoothest hits.

Product Details

  • Small: 3’’ x 5’’
  • XL: 12’’ x 6’’ 
  • Showerhead Perc 
  • Dark Grey Base 

  1. 8-Bit Pixel Heart Glass Bongheart shaped water pipe

You know that particular twinge in your heart that you get from something nostalgic? If you can’t get enough of it, look no further than this 8-Bit Pixel Heart Glass Bong from Cannabox. Featured in February 2021, this breathtaking piece of glass art is inspired by the retro video games we all love and cherish.

Eye-Catching Design

This gorgeous piece shows off a pixelated-heart shape in a brilliant fire-engine red color. It comes with a 10mm flower bowl that is perfect for two and makes an excellent centerpiece for a romantic bong-lit dinner. This bong is the perfect blend of functionality and beauty – it’s made from high-quality glass that provides smooth hits and high durability. 

Product Details

  • 3’’ wide and 5’’ tall
  • 10mm flower bowl included
  • Pixel heart shape
  • Gold Cannabox logo

  1. My Bud Vase Mermaid Bongvase bong

This beautiful bong embodies feminism, fantasy, and beauty and was designed in honor of the African water deity – Yemaya. Yemaya is commonly depicted as a mermaid, which inspired the beautiful tail shape of this super cute glass bong.

Gorgeous Design

You will be enchanted by the beautiful tail-shaped design of this glass bong. It is compact yet sturdy and fits perfectly in your hand. This piece is compact enough to be taken on the go and makes the perfect smoking piece for smoking by the sea.

Includes Accessories

This bong comes with a plethora of fun accessories, including a coral flower poker as well as a hemp wick with a cowrie shell. Hemp wicks allow you to enjoy the taste of your flower or dried herb to their fullest extent without the taste of butane from a lighter.

Product Details

  • 10.5’’ tall x 3’’ wide
  • Includes: flower bowl, coral flower poker, hemp wick with cowrie shell, and my bud vase certificate of authenticity 
  • Fixed downstem
  • Tail-shaped body

  1. My Bud Vase Aurora Water Bongrainbow vase bong

Inspired by the northern lights, this beautiful piece is beyond beautiful with an iridescent blend of colors identical to the electrical phenomenon in the sky. Sit back and dream of the Aurora while smoking out of this must-have piece of artwork.

Awe-Inspiring Beauty

This glass bong looks great from any angle with its blend of iridescent blues, purples, and greens. It also includes a gorgeous peacock feather that looks great placed in the base. Be prepared to get lots of questions about where you got this piece of glass art. It is a beauty!

Great for Group Sessions

The Aurora Water Bong comes with a large bowl that can accommodate large amounts of your dry herb or flower. It’s also made of high-quality glass that makes it extremely durable, so it’s a great piece to pass around with friends. 

Product Details

  • 8’’ tall x 5’’ wide
  • Iridescent vase
  • Includes: purple bowl piece, purple rose flower poker, and a decorative peacock feather

  1. My Bud Vase Rose Water Bongcute vase bong

This elegant piece represents the rose and its promises of hope and new beginnings. Femininity meets functionality with this gorgeous bong that provides the classiest smoke experience available. This cute piece is perfect for passing around on girls’ night.

Timeless Beauty

The My Bud Vae Rose Water Bong features a smooth ceramic white vase that is embellished with a gorgeous rose in shades of white, lilac, or pink. This piece is truly the epitome of timeless, classic beauty. 

Product Details

  • 8’’ tall x 4’’ wide
  • Ceramic white vase 
  • Includes: cone bowl and rose poker
  • Available in white, lilac, or pink

  1. My Bud Vase Burmese Water Bonggirly vase bong

Meet Burmese. This gorgeous water bong is a total show-stopper with her tall frame, thick glass and, stunning design. She offers a stylish and sexy appeal that you’re guaranteed to feel like a boss lady smoking out of. 

Breathtakingly Beautiful

This piece is the definition of glass art. She features a stunning black and gold porcelain snakeskin pattern with a gold mouthpiece and is pretty enough to be a centerpiece in your home. 

Strong and Durable

Burmese is crafted from top-shelf glass that makes her shatter-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures without overheating. As an added bonus, she provides heavy yet smooth hits that will keep the fun going as long as you want.

Product Details

  • 11’’ tall x 7.5’’ wide
  • Black and gold porcelain snakeskin pattern w/ gold mouthpiece
  • Includes black bubble bowl and red velvet cherry blossom spray

  1. My Bud Vase Luck Water Bongcute girl bong

If you’re a fan of traditional beauty, the My Bud Vase Luck Water Bong is for you. This beautiful porcelain piece makes a fantastic addition to any stoner girl’s collection. This is a piece you want to put on display!

Chic Design

This piece is a classic beauty with a blue and white porcelain vase that is so beautiful, it’s almost hard to believe you can smoke out of it. Paired with the white foam flowers that are included, this bong makes a trendy piece of decor on your coffee table or dresser.

Includes Accessories

This piece includes an array of accessories that match beautifully with your bong. It comes with a clear bubble bowl, coaster, a stash container, and cute little white foam flowers for an added dash of decor to your home.

About the Product

  • Vase: 8’’ tall x 3.5’’ wide
  • Stash jar: 3’’ tall x 1.75 in wide
  • Coaster: 4’’ wide
  • Includes clear bubble bowl, stash holder, white foam flowers, and a certificate of authenticity
  • Fixed downstem

It’s hard to narrow it down to just ten when there are so many cute and girly glass bongs to choose from

Let our reviews speak for themselves – Cannabox is the number one online headshop and smoking subscription box since 2013. We provide quality glass art and accessories at affordable prices, and we pride ourselves on our phenomenal customer service and fast shipping times. Browse all our bongs today for more options.

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