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Cannabox December 2020 Cozy Season

UNBOXING: Cannabox December 2020 Cozy Season

It’s officially cozy season! There’s nothing quite like snuggling into your weighted blanket with a cup of warm cocoa and a candy cane joint. Winter might just be our favorite season because it brings a feeling of contentment with its lights, festive holidays, and heart-warming food. While many of us may not be spending the holidays this year with loved ones, it’s important to practice self-care and to use this time as a chance to rest, relax, and light up. You work hard and deserve to pamper yourself! Let’s say cheers to a better new year with this month’s “Cozy Season” Cannabox.

Cozy Cabin Mini-Bong

Doesn’t this piece look familiar? That’s because it’s a sequel to last year’s “Cozy Cabin Snowglobe”, featuring a cabin and an icy tree in an encapsulated orb. We took the home living in the snowglobe and turned it into its own piece, a frosted white cabin with glow-in-the-dark lights– perfect for setting the festive mood. This mini-bong works great with both flower and concentrates, all you need is a 90 degree 10mm banger or the provided 10mm bowl! Stay home for the holidays in this cozy, hard-hitting cabin.

“Stoned Cold” T-Shirt

December’s shirt features a cabin in the woods and an oh-so-jolly snowman smoking a J. To fit the festive colors of the season, we used a red shirt with icy-blue, forest green, and white print. The typography states “Stoned Cold”, because who doesn’t love a good winter stoner pun?

Twisted Hemp Hemp Wraps + Juicy Jay Candy Cane Papers

Candy canes are the symbolic candy of the season, and if you’re a fan of minty flavors, you’ll love these Juicy Jay Candy Cane rolling papers. Juicy Jay is a cult-favored brand, known for their flavored papers that exude the exact taste of whatever they are imitating. Not only do you get a satisfying smack, but these rice papers provide a slow-burn so you can enjoy the enhanced flavor of your cannabis. Alongside this month’s delicious paper is Twisted Hemp’s “Vanilla Smooth”, another flavor that we think encapsulates the aura of winter perfectly.

Glass Joint Holder or Doob Tube / Filter Tips + Hemp Wick

This month includes double the glass for some boxes, with the selection of green, red, or candy cane colored glass joint holders. These classy additions to the box make us feel like we’re chilling in a winter cabin with a glass of red wine and a charcuterie board on our coffee table. The long stem allows for smoke to cool and filter as it reaches your mouth for one powerful hit. Members who did not get this glass piece got a doob tube and filter tips, perfect for assembling and storing your joint to maintain the functionality and freshness of your cannabis. Both of these options come with the additional accessory of hemp wick, a preferred necessity for stoners as it gets rid of the nasty butane we get from lighters for a cleaner hit.

Metallic Gradient Clipper Lighter

This box includes two additional stickers and the monthly addition of a clipper lighter. This month’s lighter features a gradient of winter-blue with green, blue, purple, or orange highlighted below. It’s a simple and beautiful design that we believe, like the rest of the contents of the box, fits the snowy theme of winter.

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You’ll also be joining our sweet
Cannafam! Stay updated with
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You’ll also be joining our sweet
Cannafam! Stay updated with
the latest theme and sales.