UNBOXING: Cannabox September 2021 Noir

Cannabox September 2021 Noir

“Noir” is defined as a mood rather than a genre– however; with striking black and white contrast, often morbid themes, and edgy aesthetic– it may as well be. Founded in 1946, the term “noir” was used to put a name to anti-heroic, stark imagery found in film at the time (1940s-1950s). This month, we paid tribute to film noir by curating a box that is sure to take you back in time.

Vintage Sherlock Hand Pipe 

Cannabox September 2021 Vintage Sherlock Pipe

Though referred to as the Sherlock hand pipe, this vintage-inspired piece is a staple tool used in many noir films– particularly those featuring gritty detectives, taking a hit while investigating their case. This sleek, black piece sits at 4.24” inches and features ridges to complement the traditional look. The deep bowl allows for the perfect amount of tree for two to share, and the back-end of the bowl is flat in order to set your pipe down for a quick break. The carb hole, which allows for air flow and inhalation, is located on the left– and is easily controlled using the thumb or index finger. 

“Detective” T-Shirt

This month’s black and white shirt features a detective holding a magnifying glass to a hand holding a joint. Perhaps the culprit is caught, or maybe the detective wants a hit for themselves? This shirt features a glow-in-the-dark “easter egg” print on a select section of the fabric– send us a photo when you find it for an extra entry for this month’s gift card drawing! 

Karma Hemp Wraps + Zig-Zag King-Size Papers

This month’s box includes Karma’s original hemp wraps, as well as Zig-Zag king-size rolling papers. Zig Zag’s unbleached, flax plant derived king-size wraps are crafted using the finest blends of natural fibers that help deliver a slow and even burn. The thin seal found at the edges of the paper helps ensure a seamless roll. Each paper is 53mm wide and 100mm long– giving you plenty of real estate to roll your flower. Alongside the Zig-Zag papers are the Karma hemp wraps– because who doesn’t love a great tobacco and nicotine-free blunt? 

RAW Magnifying Card

RAW’s magnifying card will help you investigate the quality of flower you’re smoking, and will also help line-up your product to prep for filling (whether it be bongs, joints, or blunts). Other “Noir” accessories include a Cannabox custom-designed silicone poker ashtray, and hemp wick. The poker found in the center of the ashtray helps with de-bowling any excess cannabis leftover in your bRAW’s magnifying card will help you investigate the quality of flower you’re smoking, and will also help line-up your product to prep for filling (whether it be bongs, joints, or blunts). Conveniently designed to fit in your wallet, carry your RAW magnifying card everywhere you go.

Cannabox Silicone Poker Ashtray

The poker found in the center of this geometric, Cannabox-exclusive ashtray helps with de-bowling any excess tree in your bowl after or before a session, and helps ease the cleaning process. With four ridges, feel free to rest your joints while contemplating your next mystery.

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick has multiple benefits– such as cleaner, healthier hits (by filtering our butane), a more controlled flame, and a slow-burning smoke.

Monthly Clipper Lighter

Cannabox September 2021 Noir Clipper Lighter

This box includes two additional stickers and the monthly addition of a clipper lighter. This month’s lighter features a neon color-scheme in blue, orange, pink, or green. Each clipper lighter is refillable and reflintable. 

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