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Dab Accessories

Interested in smoking some dabs? Then you will probably need an assortment of dab tools to do so.

There is a wide range of dab tools and accessories available, and the exact ones you need will depend on your dab rig as well as your smoking style.

Read on to learn all about the dabbing supplies you should have on hand and some cool dab accessories that you might want to add to your collection.

What are dab accessories?

Dab accessories are smoking accessories that you need to purchase in order to smoke dabs. They can include dab nails, carb caps, dabbers, and torches.

Dab nails are the part of a dab rig that is heated in order to vaporize the weed concentrate. Most people choose to heat the nail with a blow torch.

A dabber is a long, almost pencil-shaped tool that is used to scoop and press the concentrates onto the nail. Most dabbers have a pointed end as well as one shaped like a scoop.

A carb cap functions as a lid for the dab nail, and it is placed on top of it after it has been heated. This helps direct the smoke through the dab nail and into the mouth of the user. Carb caps can be made of quartz, glass, or titanium.

Do you need dab tools and accessories for custom dab rigs?

Even though you have a custom dab rig, you will still need some concentrate accessories in order to smoke dabs. You may need dab accessories in different sizes, however, depending on the type of custom dab rig you have.

What are some cool dab accessories?

Cannabox carries several different cool dab accessories that many weed smokers love to add to their collections. Below are our favorites.

Titanium Carb Cap

A titanium carb cap is a basic accessory that works with most bong designs. It is made of high-quality materials and is top-rated in terms of durability.
Titanium carb caps work best when used with a titanium nail, but you can also use them with quartz and ceramic products.

Diamond Carb Cap

The basic carb caps are made out of silicone, and while these may be durable, they won’t always match the style of your glass bong. So if you want a quality carb cap that will match the style of your bong, look no further than the diamond carb cap, which is a steal for the price!

Titanium Dab Tool

It’s going to be very difficult to get the weed concentrate from the container into your rig without a dab tool! These titanium dab tools are the basic brand, but they get the job done.

They are made of high-quality titanium, so you don’t need to worry about cracks or other damage as you enjoy your concentrates.

What other dabbing supplies do you need?

While you must have the above accessories on hand in order to smoke dabs, there are several additional items that can make taking a hit from your dab rig more pleasurable.

We suggest also adding dab mats to your cart.

Weed concentrate can be a bit sticky, and it will stain your furniture if you aren’t careful. So when you aren’t using your dab accessories, place them on a dab mat. This will help keep your smoking area clean.

You can also find dab stations, which go beyond just a dab mat as they have holes to hold all of your various dab supplies upright for easy access.


Overall, no matter what type of dab rig you have (even if you enjoy custom dab rigs), you are going to need some dab accessories to go with it! If you don’t have a dab rig just yet, head on over to our best dab rigs post to browse our selection. You never know when you might find the piece of your dreams on sale!

Dab Accessories FAQ

What do you grab a dab with?

A dab is grabbed with a long stick, also known as a dab tool. Dab tools have two ends, one which is pointy for moving the dab in the nail and one which is a scoop used for placing the dab.

What do I need for a dab rig setup?

For a dab rig setup, you will need a dab rig as well as a nail, carb cap, and dab tool. You will also need to have some weed concentrates on hand and a heat source. Most people choose to use a butane blow torch, but you can use any source of heat you desire.

What is a dab piece called?

A dab piece is another name for the nail portion of the dab rig. Some people refer to this thing as a banger. Bangers are typically made of glass or titanium.

What is the point of a dab cap?

The point of a dab cap is to direct the airflow as the user of a dab rig takes a hit. This way, when the smoker inhales, they can better enjoy the flavor of the weed concentrate.

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