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What is a bong perc?

The Best Percolators: Your Bong’s Best Friend

Bong percolators are the reason the real stoner truly loves the bong. If you enjoy smooth and potent hits of your favorite weed strains, then you’ll love bong percolators and anything that has to do with them.

They effectively cool down the smoke that’s made when you’re lighting up and deliver a mouthful of fresh taste. But if you’ve been to the dispensary lately you’re sure to have seen a wide array of different types of bongs and water pipes. 

And every stoner has a million questions when they’re curious so continue reading to learn about the different types of percolators because eventually you’re going to outgrow your weed kit. Preparation goes a long way! 

Maybe you’re stuck on the weed pens and are looking to find something that packs more punch. The type of cannabis powerhouse that delivers big hits and an even bigger high. 

That’s right, the bong. 

And if you’re thinking about buying a bong, think no more because the smooth hits are hard to pass off. 

After breezing through this post, the next time you walk into the dispensary you’ll know exactly what you want without asking the budtender a million questions. Not that they care, but you’re an educated stoner!

If you’re new, let’s get up to speed. 

What are percolators on bongs and bubblers?

Percolators are what filters and cools your weed smoke. The way they work is by forcing the smoke through water in order to filter it. The makes your hits less harsh and eliminates many of the toxins that come with blunt or weed smoke.

They come in many designs, big and small, but they’re all used to filter your precious weed smoke. 

And let’s face it, we’ve all been there 

You’re lighting up a joint with the homies and taking a nice pull when the weed smoke burns the back of your throat. Yikes.

And then to deal with all the dryness from the direct smoke hits, it’s just a nuisance. Nobody likes being that stoner they nickname cottonmouth. 

This is where percolators come in clutch because they cool the smoke before it even gets to your lungs in several different ways. 

Ultimately, percolators provide the ultimate filtration when it comes to cleaner smoking. By bubbling, the smoke interacts with the water and cleanses the smokes contaminants and harmful toxins. 

Now that you know the basics of what percolators and percolator bongs can do for you, you’re ready to move on in to the best Percolator types for your next bong. 

Here’s a quick list for those flying by in the spaceship.

  • Dome
  • Fabergé Egg
  • Downstems
  • Showerhead
  • Tree
  • Honeycomb
  • Spiral/coil


Let’s start this off with a hit straight to the dome.

This percolator type is dome-shaped, with small holes or slits where the “dome” is fused with the rest of the bong. When ripping a bong with a dome perc, it forces the smoke to pass through the dome into the separate water column through the slits or diffusion holes. 

Basically, you’re going to get some real nice hits and some real ‘clean’ smoke. 

Fabergé egg 

This percolator is similar to the Swiss perc, but flat ‘egg-shaped- indents on the side of the glass split up your bubbles into smaller bubbles. More bubbles, more cooling.

Personally, I think these make for an elegant decoration for a desk. Hey, everyone needs to take a quick smoke break and with the Fabergé, oh my, you’re in for a sweet treat!


Coming up next is the simple but powerful downstem percolator.

These are the original percolators when most stoners were strictly on a routine of dry pipes and blunts. They are what gave stoners that first clean hit, launching them into an intense high without all the coughing fits. 

Essentially, downstems are a tube that goes into the bong water and delivers an entertaining bubble show. Many weed heads love these because they are portable and easy to replace. 


This percolator looks kind of like a UFO, but more like a showerhead to me.

It includes a tube that is connected to the center of the bong that travels down into a tire-shaped space where smoke is pushed through the diffusion holes. 

If you’re looking to get more diffusion in your smoke sessions, there are many showerhead designs that include multiple slits and tiers for maximum cooling and flavor. 


The tree perc is one of the more interesting designs.

With the look of a tree, branches and all, this percolator delivers even smoother smoke through its unique design. When you’re pulling from your bong, your smoke travels through the arms and starts the bubbling diffusion us stoners love. 

Smoke some trees through some trees.


These percolators look like discs and include many small holes like, you guessed it, a honeycomb. So, if you realize you can’t roll a joint, then avoid the sticky problem and get a bong with a honeycomb.

This percolator delivers nothing but the ultimate hits with smoothness and flavor every time. And it packs a punch if you’re into finding a new planet when your heads in space. 

And if you get a little woozy when you’re high, then knock this one over because it’s single solid piece and sturdy. 


The spiral percolator kind of looks like one tornado-shaped lightbulbs. Except this spiral delivers a rush of pure weed smoke into your lungs. Talk about electrifying.

If you’re a weed enthusiast, then you know that a spiral bong percolator makes a great decoration on the coffee table. The curved coils, or spiral tube not only increases the cooling power by forcing the smoke to travel a long patch. But it also is a work of art. 

Honestly, every percolator mentioned in this post would be great for a bong investment for your weed arsenal, but if it had to come down to one. Then your best bet is downstem to get your started if you’re new to the game.

Here are some great bongs and water pipes with different percolators. See if you can identify them!

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