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Man dabs with a carb cap and quartz banger combo

Why You Need a Carb Cap for Your Dab Rig

Since the whole vape pen crisis, you might have decided to move on to bigger and better things. That’s right, you’ve decided to upgrade to a dab rig for those potent concentrate hits and thick clouds you’ve heard about. 

But what’s next in accessories for your dab rig? 

A new torch or quartz banger might be on your mind but there’s another dab accessory that is absolutely essential for the best dab hits you can get from the comfort of your couch: the carb cap.

First, let me take a few steps back to go over dab rigs and bangers, specifically quartz bangers.

The Art of Dabbing

If you love your bong hits then chances are you’ll love a dab rig for sale from Cannabox. It’s a potent way to consume cannabis and when you’re dabbing with a carb cap, it elevates the experience. 

Dab rigs are typically made out of the borosilicate glass or quartz and produce heavier hits from cannabis oil, concentrate, or extract. They’re a cannaseur favorite for a potent high at an affordable price with minimal effort.

Also, guess what? If you’ve moved from a bong to a dab rig then you’ve actually moved from smoking to vaping because there’s no combustion that occurs when your material is heated in the banger. (Don’t worry, there’s more on types of heating later in the post)

A banger, also called a dab nail, is a separate piece where you heat up you vaping concentrate of choice. When it comes to bangers or dab nails, the best and most often recommended is the quartz banger. 

Here’s why:

1. They’re more durable than glass
2. They won’t break from high heat
3. They’re perfect for low-temp dabbing

For a more detailed dive into quartz bangers check out our post on why you need a quartz banger for your dab rig.

One of the best things about having a dab rig with a quartz banger combo is the ability to control the temperature of your hits. This is because quartz retains heat really well so you don’t need to keep the torch on in between hits. 

Pretty much, you’re carb cap and quartz combo is the key to giving you a choice for the type of dab you want. 

If want really potent hits, then just heat up that quartz banger until its bright red. If you want something lighter, heat up your quartz banger then let it cool down before adding a dab. 

But if you’re interested in getting the full blast of flavor from your favorite oils and concentrates then most likely you’re going to be low-temperature dabbing with a carb cap instead of getting those bright red dab hits. 

But before we get into quartz banger and carb cap combo, here’s some information on carb caps if they’re new to you. 

What is a carb cap?

What exactly is a carp cap and what does it look like?

A carb cap is a small dabbing accessory designed for low-temperature dabbing. They’re made from glass or other heat-resistant materials and you add them to your dab nail to cover the top of the banger for smoother hits and great tasting weed concentrates.

Here are two carb caps to add to your banger if you’re looking more concentrated flavor.

1.     Swirl Bubble Carp Cap
2.     Fumed Carb Cap

Add one of these to your nails and you’ll never want to rip the dab rig any other way.

How does a carb cap work?

Carb caps work by covering the top of your banger and restricting the airflow, creating a space where convection can occur for cooler and larger hits to inhale. 

Convection allows for heat to rise through your dab nail instead of being trapped on one area like conduction. This helps by generating more heat in a tight space that produces slow burning and the full enjoyment of your favorite concentrates. 

To put it in other words, imagine frying an egg on the stove top and then adding a lid to the pan. It’s going to get pretty hot and steamy quick!

This is how carb caps change the game when it comes to efficient heating because restricted airflow gives off a slow burn for thicker and milkier vapor. This is how you can achieve perfect dabs anytime.  

Some carb caps even include a small airway that elevates your dabbing experience even more. It works by pulling in fresh air with every pull meaning less heat and thicker vapor with the quartz banger and carb cap combo. 

Carb Caps and Low-Temp Dabbing

Low-temperature dabbing is praised by stoners and cannaseurs for its benefits when it comes to taking advantage of your concentrate’s terpenes and flavors. It’s one of the best ways to fully maximize the flavor or every hit and elevate the enjoyment of your dabbing experience. 

With lower-temperatures you’ll also notice it’s less harsh on your lungs and throat. Many say it’s one of the safest ways to consume cannabis because of the cool air and rich-hits. 

You’ll also be saving money because you’re heating your concentrates more efficiently instead of scorching them.  They can get a bit pricey but that’s just another reason to get a carb cap for your next dab sessions! 

Once you start dabbing with a carb cap it’s hard to go back to the naked dab hits you were taking before. Then next you know, it’ll become an essential dabbing accessory for you and your buddies. 

That’s it for this time stoners and cannaseurs. As we get closer to the end of Spooky Season make sure you’ve ordered your costume on Amazon and have browsed through our spooky themed products at Cannabox! 

Until next time and the arrival of our Lab-Tested 2.0 Cannabox theme, bust out your rolling papers and check out our grinder recommendations in our how to use a grinder post for a break from the dab rig and potent hits.

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